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Wunderkammer der Natur

SR Contemporary Art Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the group exhibition Wunderkammer der Natur, featuring eight gallery artists: Alessandra Baldoni, Maura Banfo, Francesco Bocchini, Franco Fontana, Giancarlo Marcali, Ivan Piano, Luzia Simons, Fabio Zonta and guest designers: Simona Rinciari, Superfluoo Design.

The Wunderkammer der Natur curated by Sabrina Raffaghello will run from April 18, 2018 – March 20, 2018 with an opening reception Wednesday, April 18th from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m.

This special exhibition for the gallery weekend that running at SR Contemporary Art in Berlin, sets out to put nature in contemporary art. While displaying visual art also raises the question of how art deals with nature. Wunderkammer der Natur refers to works that express “the relationship between nature, environment and artists”, and serves both aesthetic and researches functions. This exhibition features artists who have created their own interpretations of their experiences by working through their theories of nature and natural occurrences while allowing nature to take a supporting role. From the complex relationship between man and nature, the exhibition investigates the era of globalization and the use of new technologies in a presentation tackling and exploring themes such as ecology, memories and recycle. Nature reveals a new paradigm of art and its contemporary beauty.

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Data e Ora
18/04/2018 / 16:00 - 20:00

SR Contemporary Art